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Soft Urban | Dynamic Thinking| Positive Attitude

The name, SEMICOUTURE, is in itself a manifesto of intentions, evoking garments that are not quite finished, full of poetic imperfections, which acquire new life with a modern and urban twist. Combining essentiality and practicality with aesthetics becomes the central element on which the brand is based to satisfy young women, paying attention to the trends of the moment without taking them to extremes, adapting them to an active and dynamic lifestyle.

Product Mix

Natural materials, fresh colours in the dustiest tones, colourblocks in the name of simplicity and naturalness: these are the pillars on which the proposals are developed, which see knitwear as the protagonist together with outerwear and fluid, lively dresses. Important focus is on the grittiest denim and the proverbial casual-fit trousers, which complete the outfits and make them versatile and contemporary.


Semicouture addresses a world citizen, a modern girl who moves with ease. The city is her habitat, she knows how to adapt to various situations and commitments always with a smile and a certain amount of audacity. Her motto is 'express yourself', in every area of life and no less so in choosing what to wear.